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      Tačnost formulacije i ekološki aspekt nekih mineralnih đubriva [1]
      Tendencies of plant production in the Republic of Serbia and at the level NUTS 1 [1]
      Tendencije biljne proizvodnje u Republici Srbiji i na nivou NSTJ 1 [1]
      The applicability of nonparametric models of historical simulation in the emerging markets [1]
      The Effect of Changing Climatic Conditions on the Morphological Traits and Chemical Composition of Almond Kernels [1]
      The effect of potato varieties on population of golden cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis) [1]
      The Effect of Using Natural or Biotic Dietary Supplements in Poultry Nutrition on the Effectiveness of Meat Production [1]
      The evaluation of competitiveness and innovation factors in order to increase market share [1]
      The impact of genotype and locality on the dynamic of accumulation heavy metals in wheat vegetative organs [1]
      The impact of sociodemographic variables on customer satisfaction when using digital services of hotels [1]
      The impact of strategic management on customer satisfaction in the food service quality in canton Sarajevo [1]
      The impact of the number of retail outlets on the market share of consumer goods' retail brands [1]
      The influence of teamwork as an internal marketing factor on the quality of the service of insurance companies in Serbia's agricultural sector [1]
      The Microbiome of the 'Williams' Pear Variety Grown in the Organic Orchard and Antifungal Activity by the Autochthonous Bacterial and Yeast Isolates [1]
      The pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus): A potential threat to coniferous forests in Serbia [1]
      The role of agriculture in the economic structure of Serbia and budget support for rural development of Kladovo municipality [1]
      Traffic light approach [1]
      Undesirable metals content in wheat of different wheat varieties [1]
      Using decision analysis when solving management problems [1]
      Uticaj broja maloprodajnih objekata na tržišno učešće maloprodajnih brendova robe široke potrošnje [1]