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      Development of selection criteria for improving grain yield in wheat grown in different agro-ecological environments [1]
      Development of wheat steam under contamination with heavy metals [1]
      Different genotypes of alternative small grains in organic farming [1]
      Eco-industrial zones in the context of sustainability development of urban areas [1]
      Ecological modeling of pollutants in accidental fire at the landfill waste [1]
      Ecological modelling of industrial pollutants: Serbian case [1]
      Economic and environmental context of organic agriculture and farms in Serbia - case study [1]
      Economic and Social Development (Book of Proceedings), 89th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development – "Economical, Agricultural and Legal Frameworks of Sustainable Development" [1]
      Economic effects of investment in dairy farming [1]
      Economic effects of vegetable production and processing on the agricultural holding [1]
      Economic instruments in the environmental protection - Serbian case [1]
      Economics of the future - green economy and sustainable development [1]
      Efekti marketinga i dizajna primenom CAD sistema u kompanijama - proizvođačima odeće [1]
      Effect of Fertilization on Weed Infestation, Morphological and Productive Traits of Different Alternative Small Grains [1]
      Effect of salinity stress on antioxidant activity and grain yield of different wheat genotypes [1]
      Effect of the nettle essential oil (Urtica dioica L.) on the performance and carcass quality traits in broiler chickens [1]
      Effects of organic and microbiological fertilizers on morphological and productive characteristics of triticale in the organic farming system [2]
      Effects of the Pančevo industrial area on soil contamination by heavy metals [1]
      Efikasnost nekih herbicida u usevu šećerne repe [1]
      Ekonomija budućnosti - zelena ekonomija i održivi razvoj [1]