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      Hospitality digital marketing and technology transformation challenges [1]
      Hydrochemical Assessment of Water Used for Agricultural Soil Irrigation in the Water Area of the Three Morava Rivers in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Hydrophilic-Interaction Planar Chromatography of Some Water-Soluble Co(III) Complexes on Different Adsorbents [1]
      Identification of Hazardous Location in Urban Area [1]
      Identifikacija opasne lokacije u urbanom području [1]
      Impact of climate changes on the production of agricultural crops - assessment of the world bank [1]
      Impact of tourism on roundabout of economic process [1]
      Implementacija modela 'Transformacionih menadžerskih kompetencija' u procesu prestrukturiranja 'Zastava mašina, A.D.', Kragujevac [1]
      Implementation of the model of 'Transformational managerial competences' in the process of restructuring of 'Zastava machines A.D.', Kragujevac [1]
      Incorporation of information - communication technologies in economic and environmental espionage [1]
      Influence of 340mT static magnetic field on germination potential and mid-infrared spectrum of wheat [1]
      Influence of high content of heavy metals in water on human health and methods for cleaning of contaminants [1]
      Influence of mulching on angelica fresh root yeald (Angelica archangelica L.) [1]
      Informaciona tehnologija u savremenoj organizaciji [1]
      Information technology in contemporary organization [1]
      Innovative modeling of pollutants in the air in terms of fire on dumps [1]
      Insight into selected quality parameters of medlar (Mespilus germanica L.) fruit grown in Serbia [1]
      International standards in environmental quality management and interpol [1]
      Interpretation of the mechanisms of chromatographic separation on CN-silica. Part I: TLC of metal complexes [1]
      Interpretation of the mechanisms of chromatographic separation on CN-silica. Part II. TLC of some phenols [1]