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      Biokontrola ekonomski značajnih bolesti u cilju povećanja prinosa semena nevena i odoljena i krtola krompira [1]
      Biokontrola ekonomski značajnijih bolesti u cilju povećanja prinosa semena nevena i odoljena i krtola krompira [1]
      Biological and Chemical Diversity of Angelica archangelica L.-Case Study of Essential Oil and Its Biological Activity [1]
      Biomass and Protein Yields of Field Peas and Oats Intercrop Affected by Sowing Norms and Nitrogen Fertilizer at Two Different Stages of Growth [1]
      Borova nematoda (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) - potencijalna opasnost za četinarske šume u Srbiji [1]
      Building strategic alliances as agents of business internationalization for domestic companies [1]
      Cijano-modifikovani silika-gel kao sorbent u planarnoj hromatografiji [1]
      Cognitive Component of the Image of a Rural Tourism Destination as a Sustainable Development Potential [1]
      Competitiveness indicators assessment of the textile organizations from Serbia [1]
      Comprehensive insight into the food safety climate in Central and Eastern Europe [1]
      Consumer behavior related to buying wines on the retail market in the City of Niš [1]
      Corporate culture: Business performance factor of national organizations [1]
      Creating a concept marketing communication in international business-to-business market [1]
      Customer Relationship Marketing and Institutional Support Influence on the Women's Companies Sustainability in Serbia [1]
      Cyano-modified silica-gel as a sorbent in planar chromatography [1]
      Development of selection criteria for improving grain yield in wheat grown in different agro-ecological environments [1]
      Different genotypes of alternative small grains in organic farming [1]
      Economic effects of investment in dairy farming [1]
      Economics of the future - green economy and sustainable development [1]
      Efekti marketinga i dizajna primenom CAD sistema u kompanijama - proizvođačima odeće [1]