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      'Traffic light' pristup - ograničenja i kritike [1]
      3-Cyanopropylsiloxane-Bonded Silica Gel: Characteristics and Applications in Thin-Layer Chromatography [1]
      Accumulation of toxic metals in the vegetative parts of wheat [1]
      Agricultural resources and development priorities of the municipality of Stara Pazova [1]
      Ambalaža za pesticide i njen uticaj na očuvanje životne sredine [1]
      Analiza glavnih aditivnih efekata i multiplikativne interakcije komponenti prinosa pojedinih genotipova pšenice [1]
      Analyses of Globodera rostochiensis and G-pallida populations from Serbia by morphometrics and real-time PCR [1]
      Analysis of economic results of dietary medicinal plants usage in broilers production [1]
      Analysis of main additive effects and multiplicative interactions of components of yield of certain wheat genotypes [1]
      Antioxidant Activity and Multi-Elemental Analysis of Dark Chocolate [1]
      Aplikativnost neparametarskih modela istorijske simulacije na tržištima u nastajanju [1]
      Application of mathematical modeling in ecology [1]
      Application of visual and olfactory perception in monitoring and control of aphids [1]
      Assessing ecological aspects of biosafety of genetically modified crops to environment [1]
      Assessment of employees competences carried out by different management levels [1]
      Assessment of Genotype Stress Tolerance as an Effective Way to Sustain Wheat Production under Salinity Stress Conditions [1]
      Atropine and Scopolamine in Maize Products from the Retail Stores in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Biocontrol of economically significant diseases in order to increase the yeald of pot marigold and valerian [1]
      Biocontrol of economically significant diseases in order to increase the yield of pot marigold and valerian seeds and potato tubers [1]
      Biogenost rizosfernog sloja zemljišta različitih genotipova pšenice pod uticajem tretmana đubrenja [1]