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Factors affecting host plant selection in alfalfa aphids60
First Report of the Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne luci on Tomato in Serbia34
Assessment of Genotype Stress Tolerance as an Effective Way to Sustain Wheat Production under Salinity Stress Conditions29
Phenotypic Variability of Wheat and Environmental Share in Soil Salinity Stress [3S] Conditions26
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Organic soybean cultivation with a sustainable system26
First Report of Yeast-Spot Disease of Soybean Seeds Caused by Eremothecium coryli in Serbia20
The Microbiome of the 'Williams' Pear Variety Grown in the Organic Orchard and Antifungal Activity by the Autochthonous Bacterial and Yeast Isolates19
Hydrochemical Assessment of Water Used for Agricultural Soil Irrigation in the Water Area of the Three Morava Rivers in the Republic of Serbia19
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